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You want a qualified appraisal if:

  • You want to insure your jewelry.

  • You are settling an estate or probate.

  • You are making a donation.

  • You are involved in a divorce.

  • You are liquidating your assets.

  • You are purchasing jewelry.

Appraisals provide identification, complete descriptions and photographs.  Appraisals protect the value of your possessions in case of loss, theft or damage.  Are you purchasing jewelry?  An appraisal can tell you the true value of your purchase.

There are many reasons for having your jewelry appraised and the value of your personal property is different depending on the situation.  Some appraisals have definitions of value dictated by law.  With others, after consultation, the appraiser will choose the appropriate type of value and appraisal method to be implemented.



For your privacy and security, all appraisal assignments are undertaken by appointment only.  At the appointment, the appraiser meticulously examines the property to be included in the appraisal report while testing metals, gemstone properties, obtaining measurements and taking multiple photographs of each item.  The information on the items are recorded in preparation for research and the final appraisal report.


Value conclusions for appraisals are based the compilation of credible results in the most appropriate market the item is to be valued as determined by the intended use of the appraisal.  Research time is taken to locate comparable items, investigate the appropriate markets, develop credible results and determine an opinion of value.


All completed appraisal reports are printed and bound. The report details the the type of appraisal report, definition of values used, market selections considered and the approach to value. The report provides detailed descriptions of the items appraised, multiple detailed photographs, and value conclusions; a definition page, a listing of the instruments used, references cited and the appraisers qualifications.



Insurance appraisals are the most commonly requested appraisal.  They are used to obtain insurance coverage on existing or newly acquired jewelry items against loss, theft or damage, depending on the policy.  We provide documentation to establish the approximate retail replacement of the item(s) to be insured. 

Our appraisals contain all the information needed by the insurance company.  The appraisal includes a detailed description of the item(s) of jewelry, including gemstone identification, color and clarity grading, measurements, their calculated weights, plotting diagrams for major gemstones, quality and condition assessment of the mounting, metal testing, as well as numerous digital photographs.  Our appraisals are accepted by all insurance companies.  The thoroughness of your appraisal will determine how well you are covered in the event of loss, theft or damaged.  Remember you are covered only as well as your appraisal report is written and by the qualifications of your appraiser. 


In the event you are named as the executor or personal representative of an estate or as the conservator for an individual, an estate appraisal of their jewelry may be necessary.  An estate tax appraisal is required when establishing the value of an estate for IRS tax or state tax purposes. Estate tax appraisals are based on Fair Market Value as defined by IRS and Treasury Regulations as well as individual state tax codes.  Your attorney handling the estate will advise you if an estate appraisal is necessary. 


When a collection of jewelry must be split among heirs, it is often necessary to have an appraisal performed to aid the executor in the distribution of the property.


This is an appraisal that is required by the IRS when donating jewelry or gemstones to a charitable organization as the donor may be entitled to a tax deduction.  This Appraisal is required if the value of the item(s) exceeds $5000.00.  The valuation of this type of appraisal is the Fair Market Value at the time of donation.


Jewelry has emotional ties, and both parties are likely to have an inflated idea of the actual current value of martial jewelry.  This appraisal is used in the dissolution of marriage and establishes the market value of the items that were purchased as marital property.  It allows for equitable distribution for the estate during the divorce proceedings.


Sellers desire this appraisal when they have jewelry, coin and watch items to sell.  This type of appraisal determines the resale value, after consultation with the client, within the most appropriate market.  The method of selling and the time available to find a buyer will effect the price that can be obtained.  Frequently, Market Value is used in these appraisals.  Market Value is the gross price (without regard to selling expenses) at which the property would be expected to change hands, within a reasonable amount of selling time.




This service is used to alleviate your concerns regarding your new purchase.  Are you worried if you got what you paid for?  Does your diamond match the diamond grading report given to you at time of purchases?  What about the quality of craftsmanship in your new item?  Internet purchases are becoming more common and a consultation can verify the diamonds, jewelry, coins and watches purchased on the Internet match the certification or appraisal that accompany the item(s).  No value information is provided with this service.  In the event the items purchased does not meet your expectations and needs to be returned, many Internet companies will only accept appraisals from independent certified appraisers should a discrepancy or conflict arise.


We can help answer any questions you may have on a loose or mounted faceted gemstone.  Such as what is it?  Is it real?  We are able to provide this service either in a verbal consultation or in a diamond or gemstone grading report.  No value is given in either service.  Please note that when grading mounted gemstone or diamonds, the mounting may limit the accuracy or types of tests that can be performed as well as the accuracy of the grading reported.


These reports are used to document damage to an item of jewelry or gemstone. All damage is documented in the report and photographed.


Unfortunately, jewelry sometimes become the subject of a dispute that needs to be settled in the courts.  These reports are commonly used in civil or criminal cases.  As professional trained Independent Certified Appraisers, we have the qualifications and expertise to provide an unbiased opinion to aid the courts.  Services include Litigation Support, Expert Witness Testimony, Deposition and Court Appearances.  Engaging our services before depositions can often expedite an out of court settlement.  All reports are USPAP compliant.


Should you desire not to travel with your valuables, we offer our clients the convenience and security of our appraisal services being performed at your office, bank vault or home.  Our portable gemological laboratory affords our clients the peace of mind one can only achieve in the privacy and comfort of their own surroundings.  Please feel free to ask us about this service when discussing your appraisal needs.


The appraisers at New England Gem Appraisals, LLC are available for special event speaking engagements and educational presentations on topics related to Appraisals, Jewelry and Gemstones, Rare Coins, Fine Watches, and Silver Flatware.  Please contact us to discuss your presentation topic needs.